Browns: Dalvin Tomlinson channels supervillain with his sack celebrations

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Dalvin Tomlinson was one of the biggest signings this offseason — both in terms of actual size as well as team fit — for the Cleveland Browns. Since being added to the roster, Cleveland fans have learned that the 324-pounder is a gentle giant off the field but are happy to know that's not the case during the game.

Entering his seventh season in the NFL, Tomlinson has been a problem for opposing offensive linemen and has 288 career tackles and 13 sacks. He's a disruptive player and said recently on Good Morning Football that he aims to play like a Marvel supervillain.

Tomlinson was asked by Kyle Brandt about what he draws on his glove before games. Tomlinson explained that he's a big fan of comic book movies and that he draws the Ininifty Stones on his hands while trying to play like Thanos.

From there, he said he likes to do the "Thanos Snap" when he does sack the quarterback, referencing the 2018 film Infinity War.

Browns landed a needed supervillain

Tomlinson isn't the only member of the team that's heavy into comic books as Nick Chubb has often expressed his affinity for Batman. But as far as their defense goes, they needed someone who can come in and play a 'supervillain' role.

Opposing offenses have bullied the Browns defensive line over the past couple of seasons and Tomlinson was brought over to put an end to that. He might not be doing the 'snap' a whole lot since he's not a huge pressure guy but as long as he slows down the rushing attack, he will be doing his job.

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