Browns fans can only laugh at disastrous turn the Bengals offseason just took

To quote Nelson Muntz, HA HA!
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

It hasn't been fun watching the Cincinnati Bengals turn things around and actually resemble a somewhat respectable franchise. While the Cleveland Browns have had success against the Bengals in recent years and even finished ahead of them while making the playoffs a season ago, Cincinnati will have a last-place schedule in 2024, which makes them intimidating.

Fortunately, their offseason took a hit at the start of OTAs, as it was reported that both Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins did not attend due to both guys seeking new contracts. Of course, OTAs are voluntary so this isn't the end of the world, but considering Joe Burrow bragged last summer how he was "confident" the team could keep everyone, it's nice seeing things work against the Bengals.

Browns fans should enjoy laughing at Bengals' misfortunes

The Bengals paid Burrow last summer right as the new season got underway, inking him to a five-year deal worth $275 million. He has one more year before that contract kicks in and that means the benefit of having their star quarterback on a rookie deal is almost over. They'll now have to pay their top two receivers as well and by the time everyone is paid, it'll make it much trickier for the Bengals to bring in marquee talent.

Higgins was slapped with the franchise tag and has yet to sign it so it's no surprise that he didn't show up to OTAs. As for Chase, he's entering the fourth year of his rookie deal and this is the first year where he's eligible for a new deal.

With other talented guys like Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb also holding out, this could take some time for the Bengals to work out because Chase is going to want to make more than both of those guys but those two will want to make the most money as well. Who will be the first to crack?

Meanwhile, Browns fans can sit back and enjoy watching the Bengals in this predicament.