Browns fans will love their spot on Sports Illustrated's Super Bowl contenders list

Just don't read too closely.
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

In case anyone was still confused about what expectations for this upcoming Browns season should be, Sports Illustrated is here to set the record straight.

SI unveiled their Super Bowl contenders list this week, which also kinda just doubles as a listicle of the best 10 teams in the NFL and the Jets. The good news – or the nervy news, depending on what type of fan you are – is that the Browns made the cut. It's happening. Here's what SI thinks about their chances this year.

Browns are officially in a Super Bowl window, according to SI at least

"If Deshaun Watson is finally able to recapture his old form, Cleveland will add that to a team with a dominant front seven, a very good (if aging) offensive line and a formidable set of weathered skill-position players who can handle big moments..."

"The winner of [the AFC North] every season is among the most battle-tested teams in the NFL. The Browns as an organization have to know that, with Myles Garrett inching toward his age-30 season and most of that offensive line also trending toward 30, the window is closing."

We're just going to ignore the whole 'the window is closing routine.' And besides, a window that's still closing is still technically open. This is why you never read the fine print. If you take anything away from this blog, let it be that the Browns' Super Bowl window is open, and since this is all just a figure of speech, no can prove what is and or isn't closing. They'll be battle tested, have one of the best defenses in football, and simply need two of their best offensive players to return to All-Pro levels after very serious injuries. Piece of cake.