Browns free agency: 3 players that will get overpaid in 2023

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Fans are extremely excited that the Cleveland Browns are going to be aggressive in free agency, but these three guys will be too expensive.

The Cleveland Browns and the entire NFL are just watching the clock now as free-agent negotiations can start as early as noon on Monday, March 13. While nothing can be official until Wednesday at 4 PM EST, we have seen more and more in the last few years that the bulk of free agency is finalized before it truly even starts. 

As it stands right now, the Browns don’t have any money to spend in free agency. In fact, they still need to find a way to claw back $14 million. Don’t stress fans, it sounds like that issue will be resolved shortly, especially now that the Ravens have tagged Lamar Jackson.

Free agency is like Christmas for NFL fans, but remember, it’s also the most overpaid time of the year. Here are three guys the Browns are likely interested in but will get severely overpaid and out of the Browns budget.

Mecole Hardman
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Overpaid Free Agent No. 3 – Mecole Hardman, WR

Once again, the Browns will likely be in the wide receiver market, and once again I’m not sure Andrew Berry will be able to get it done in free agency. A guy like Mecole Hardman isn’t a “top tier” free agent, but there is going to be some traction with other teams to be the number two or three guys on the roster. 

In the past, we have seen underperformers get $10 million per year, and shockingly enough, money doesn’t make a player any better. Hardman has yet to have a season over 700 yards and hasn’t had more than four touchdowns since his rookie year. 

Another thing that can’t be overlooked, Patrick Mahomes has a knack for making guys better. I know Deshaun Watson is a great quarterback, but I’m not ready to call him Mahomes yet after what we saw at the end of 2022.