Browns general manager hints at potential extension for Deshaun Watson

Could the Browns serious consider extending Deshaun Watson?
Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns
Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

It's safe to say most Cleveland Browns fans are ready to see the Deshaun Watson era come to an end. The front office, however, might not feel the same way.

While speaking with the media earlier this week, general manager Andrew Berry discussed the future of the organization. In doing so, he mentioned a 10-year plan that had Watson at the center of it. He was quick to say he didn't mean 10 years literally, but there's only one way to take the term "10 years" since it's a set amount of time.

“I think the one thing that’s pretty unique about the quarterback position in our sport is when you find a good one, they’re typically with your franchise for a long period of time. So, when I say ten years, maybe I didn’t mean it quite as literally as you’re taking it, but for a very long period of time because you know that player at that position can really anchor your franchise and anchor your organization on the field.”

To be fair to Berry, there's nothing he can do but throw support at Watson. The polarizing quarterback is locked in for three more seasons and it would be more detrimental to release him than it was for the Denver Broncos to cut ties with Russell Wilson. That means Berry will continue to pound the drum for No. 4 despite getting just 12 inconsistent games in two years from him.

Are the Browns still all-in on Deshaun Watson

Cleveland didn't restructure Watson's contract this offseason, which means he will account for an incredible $63.77 million against the cap. Their decision to keep him at this number contradicts any thought of an extension.

If the Browns were 100 percent sold on Watson, they would have kicked the can down the road to free up space — as they did with Denzel Ward. By keeping his deal the same, they will knock out roughly 28 percent of the contract this year. That could make it easier to move on in the future.

Of course, there's always the chance he returns to 100 percent health and the thought process changes. But we need to see him knock off the rust, of course.

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