Browns GM Andrew Berry wants Joe Flacco back in 2024

Could the Cleveland Browns bring Joe Flacco back for another year?

Cleveland Browns
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Joe Flacco was sensational for the Cleveland Browns. There's no other way to put it. The veteran joined the team late in the year and at the age of 38, he gave the offense a shot in the arm and finished with 1,616 yards and 13 touchdowns while leading the team to four wins in a row.

Cleveland's magical season came to a crashing halt when the Houston Texans knocked them out of the playoffs in the Wild Card Round but this team knows the future is bright. They won despite losing several starters on both sides of the ball and are hopeful to get most of them back.

That could include Flacco, who was recently praised by general manager Andrew Berry. While discussing the future of the team, Berry emphasized the importance of the QB2 spot and said he would love to have Flacco back.

"Joe, he played winning football for us," Berry said via ESPN. "He did a great job of coming in and really playing at a high level. ... I believe that backup quarterback really is a top-30 position on the roster."

He did caution that a lot goes into these decisions, as was the case with Jacoby Brissett last year, but it's encouraging to know they could run it back in 2024 with a backup they know they can win with.

Browns can't let possible QB controversy sway their thinking

Following the loss to the Texans, Flacco said he still wants to play and there's no denying Cleveland would be better with him on the roster. The one question was whether or not this would lead to a quarterback controversy. Due to Watson's contract, there's no way the team wouldn't start him but if he struggles at all, the fans might develop a fever. One that could only be cured with more Flacco.

While fans might start chants during any rough patch, the Browns can't let this play into their decision. The truth is, they've managed to have Watson for just 12 games over the past two seasons. They've had more games without him than they have had with him.

Sure, they want him to be the future and he will be given every opportunity. However, the presence of a backup who can lead this talented roster to the playoffs is incredibly important. That's why they must take emotion out of any decision, which could lead to another year with Flacco on the roster.

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