Browns have the easiest strength of schedule in the AFC North

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Finishing in last place can be a tough pill to swallow but since the NFL is all about creating parity, it sometimes turns into a blessing in disguise. That could be the case for the Cleveland Browns, who have the easiest strength of schedule in the AFC North this season.

NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano recently tweeted out the strength of schedule for 2023 and said the Philadelphia Eagles had the toughest road ahead of them while the Atlanta Falcons had the easiest.

He also wisely added that past performance guarantees nothing, so the ease of any schedule could change drastically when the season begins.

For the Browns, they came in at No. 26 as their opponents are coming off a combined winning percentage of .460.

Cleveland Browns need to take advantage of this schedule

Cleveland is only slightly behind the Pittsburgh Steelers who have a .470 strength of schedule but the Baltimore Ravens are five spots higher at .484. As for the Bengals, they were No. 1 in the AFC North and are the only team in the division set to face opponents with a combining winning percentage above .500 — coming in at .510 which is 17th.

With the AFC South on their schedule this season, the North had a deflated opposing winning percentage, to begin with. Still, the Browns have a slight advantage right now and they need to make sure to capitalize on anything they can.

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That includes making the most of an opening-season gauntlet in which they play all three AFC North teams in the first four weeks. If they come out of that with a winning record, they can then take advantage of the remaining schedule as they aim to get back to the postseason for the first time since 2020.