Browns hosting Shelby Harris for potential DT depth

The Cleveland Browns have Shelby Harris in for a visit in hopes of adding another veteran to the defensive tackle room.

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Shelby Harris is in town, and it is up to Andrew Berry to make sure he doesn't leave. The Cleveland Browns need another sure thing at defensive tackle next to Dalvin Tomlinson, and Harris has proven to be a solid player most of his career. After having a career-low 61.8 PFF grade (subscription required) in 2021, he bounced back in 2022 with a 73.2, which is in line with his career grade.

Harris is known for being a stout run defender, something the Browns can always use throughout his career. Harris has also shown that he can get to the quarterback, averaging about three sacks per season with a career-high of seven in 2021. He will join arguably the most talented line he has ever played on if he signs

The question it all comes down to is money, as usual. Harris has sat on the market until now and it's likely that Berry is looking to make one of his signature deals that will spread whatever amount given over a few years so that flexibility is retained for this year. It's also likely that a one-year deal is being offered by the Browns based on future cap issues.

Jim Schwartz has made a career at getting the most of defensive tackles, so combining the ultra-versatile and talented Tomlinson with another tremendous defensive tackle can only lead to good things. If Harris signs with the Browns, it's just another step in this team being a true contender in 2023.

He also provides another veteran presence in the locker room, which might be just as important as what he does on the field. Here is hope Ander Berry can work his magic and grab another great offseason piece.

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