Browns: Kevin Stefanski has hilarious take on 20 carries per game stat

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Throughout the 2022 season, Cleveland Browns fans touted a statistic regarding the run and Kevin Stefanski knows how silly it was

Kevin Stefanski was riding high in 2020 as the NFL Coach of the Year. He took the Cleveland Browns to the postseason and they even secured a win against Pittsburgh. It was an unprecedented game since he was home with COVID and despite being involved in game-planning all week virtually, he had to watch alone in his basement as his team knocked off the Steelers.

Since then, things haven't been great. The Browns were 8-9 in 2021 and 7-10 in 2022. With the shine wearing off, fans have become critical and their biggest complaint is that Stefanski doesn't run the ball enough.

The fuel to their fire is a statistic about how many wins they have when Nick Chubb carries the ball 20 times. Of course, there's a causation there that many ignore. The truth is, the Browns aren't winning because Chubb runs that much, but he runs that much since they are winning.

Stefanski knows this, which is why he had a hilarious response when asked during an interview on Pardon My Take. When the stat was brought up, Stefanski noted that there's a "causation" there and then joked that "we should start the game with 24 Nick Chubb rushes and see what happens.” He then added they would surely be down a couple of scores.

He was also asked about putting a reminder to run the ball on his play sheet, to which he responded he would rather put a reminder to "score points."

In additon to the critics of the run game, he spoke on his fourth-down aggresiveness. Stefanski said you always look smart when it works but that he wants to bet on his players.

"Those decisions, sometimes you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Ultimately, I try, we try to bet on the players as much as we can and trust the guys."

Stefanski, Pardon My Take

Throughout the interview, the head coach was authentic, engaging, and funny. He was also open to criticism as he listened to the interviewers read a tweet saying the game against the Saints on December 26 was the battle between which coach could be a “dumber piece of —” and Stefanski called this a “fair” tweet. He added, “when you lose, everything is fair game”

There will be those who continue to bash Stefanski but he's the best coach this team has had since returning to the NFL. He's widely praised throughout the league as a brilliant mind, even if those who cheer for the Browns every Sunday don't want to see it.

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