The Browns likely to play home games away from Cleveland in 2026

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns
New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns will likely be playing home games outside the city of Cleveland as the stadium will be reconstructed or rebuilt.

Starting in 2026, the Browns will call somewhere other than Cleveland home for two or three years as Cleveland Browns Stadium will get a makeover, according to NEOtrans Blog.

Along with the rebuilt stadium, there would also be a relocated shoreway connected downtown Cleveland to the lakefront. This will bring thousands of parking spaces and allow the current parking lot to be used for office buildings and housing among other projects.

So where will the Browns play if they can't play in Cleveland?

The leading candidate as of right now, a week ahead of the official announcement of what exactly will transpire, is Columbus. Browns' owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam own the Columbus Crew and the Browns could play at their Field, which seats just 20,371.

This makes a lot of sense from the perspective of the ownership ties, but that is a lot of fans not being able to attend games. As we all know, Browns fans are some of the most loyal and passionate in all of sports.

It will surely be an odd experience to watch a Browns game at a venue that isn't Cleveland Browns Stadium, but once the stadium is rebuilt, it will be a whole lot better for the city of Cleveland and all the fans who attend games or watch on television.

With this rebuild, don't expect a dome or retractable roof to be added, as Jimmy Haslam has already said there won't be a dome, but a "substantial remodel of the existing facility."

We all know that the Haslams aren't afraid to spend money, especially after giving Deshaun Watson a fully guaranteed $230 million deal last year - which will soon look like a bargain - but this isn't about the money, but instead, the weight in which the foundation could support.

Many will say that a dome is needed and would only enhance the vision Haslam has for downtown Cleveland by being able to attract other events such as WWE's WrestleMania, the NCAA Final Four for both basketball and hockey, concerts and so much more.

There are still three years remaining before any of this begins, so we will be able to enjoy a Muni Lot tailgate and game at Cleveland Browns Stadium for the time being. It will be odd at first, but in the end, it will all work out as it should.

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