Browns linked to a top remaining free agent wide receiver

Las Vegas Raiders v Cleveland Browns
Las Vegas Raiders v Cleveland Browns / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns have a pretty solid receiver room but there's still room for more talent. Plus, while the Browns have talent at the position, Amari Cooper is the only one who truly can take over games and be a terrifying threat most weeks.

If the Browns wanted to add some help on offense, Anthony Alandt of Sporting News wrote that Hunter Renfrow could be someone who'd make sense in Cleveland. He notes that while Renfrow's numbers have been declining, the Raiders didn't have a great quarterback situation last year.

"Renfrow made the Pro Bowl in 2021 but has been on a steep decline since, totaling just 585 yards and two touchdowns over the past two seasons. It’s not like the Raiders have had the best lineup of quarterbacks for him to catch passes from, but it’s understandable why he was left out of the initial free-agency splash."

Anthony Alandt

Could the Browns be a fit for Hunter Renfrow?

Renfrow's best year came in 2021 when he tallied 103 receptions for 1,038 yards and nine touchdowns. That was his best year by far and he's failed to come close to those numbers in recent years but he's clearly capable of being a terrifying threat in the right situation.

The Browns have nothing to lose by taking a flier on Renfrow. If they sign him to a cheap deal and he doesn't pan out, they can move on with ease. If he does work out, he'll give them production and then another team can fall into the trap of paying him big bucks down the line.

Signing Renfrow is worth a shot for the Browns. The worst that happens is he doesn't contribute and then they still have a strong wide receiver room. The best that happens is they get a great year from the former Clemson product and their offense reaps the benefits.