Browns: Nick Chubb not bothered by lack of touchdowns after Deshaun Watson return

Nick Chubb scored just one receiving touchdown and none on the ground in the final six weeks of the Cleveland Browns season but doesn't think Deshaun Watson was the reason

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Nick Chubb has been the heart of the Cleveland Browns offense for the better part of five seasons. In 2022, he had his best campaign as a pro, gaining a career-high 1,525 yards and tying his personal-best 12 touchdowns.

He even cracked the top 5 in franchise history, hitting fourth all-time with 6,341 yards. As impressive as all of that is, there was an issue to close out the season.

Chubb was unable to score a rushing touchdown in the final six games of the year, which happened to be the only six he's played with Deshaun Watson. With that being the case — as well as the fact that Cleveland is expected to focus even more on the pass — it's fair to ask if Chubb believes it will imapct his numbers.

Chubb, however, put that to rest quickly, saying he knows there are kinks to get worked out but that he's not hindered at all by having Watson on the roster.

“You can’t really look at the numbers. Twelve is the most I’ve ever had since I’ve been here,” Chubb said during minicamp via J.R. DeGroote if Heavy. “I don’t think it had much to do with it. I think we did have to figure some things out, get the kinks out on offense and I don’t think I’m hindered by Deshaun at all.”

Chubb is correct in saying the offense needs to figure a few things out but he's also right that he's not hindered in any way by having an elite quarterback. Instead, they just have to figure out how to most effectively get him the ball in an offense centered around Watson.

He will still get plenty of rushing attempts, especially with the depth chart thin behind him. On top of that, it wouldn't be a surprise at all to see him utilized more in the passing game. To date, Chubb has been efficient when the ball comes his way as a receiver, but his opportunities have been limited.

Chubb is the ultimate team player and even if his numbers dropped, he wouldn't say a word if the team was winning. But as he says, that's not likely to happen.

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