Browns one-step closer to staying downtown thanks to recent project

Could the Cleveland Browns stay downtown?
Cleveland Browns Stadium
Cleveland Browns Stadium / Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

We still don't know for sure where the Cleveland Browns will play their games in the future but there's a better chance they will remain downtown thanks to a recent approval that will help accessibility near the lake. The city approved $20 million in funding for the "North Coast Connector Project" on Wednesday

Through their social media outlets, the City of Cleveland shared a rendering of their plans which consists of a bridge that will connect the lakefront and downtown. This will not only help the Browns — should they stay on the waterfront — but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Science Center as well.

Perhaps in a bit of wishful thinking, the rendering even showed Cleveland Browns Stadium but with an upgrade.

Browns still deciding on future of stadium

Since returning to the league in 1999, the Browns have called Cleveland Browns Stadium home — even though it had other names. They will remain here until at least 2028, which is when their current lease runs out.

With the change in stadiums across the league, the Browns front office feels it's time for them to make a bold move and there are two options on the table. One is a pricey overhaul of their current stadium. The other is to move to Brook Park for an even pricier rebuild.

Either way taxpayers would wind up paying for a huge portion of the team's new home, and it appears Jimmy and Dee Haslam finally understand they need to put a roof over their stadium.

There's time to work it all out but the latest development is a great step for those who want the team to remain where they belong — on Lake Erie.

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