Browns rivals: 3 new problem players in the AFC North

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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As the Cleveland Browns were making a lot of moves, the rest of the AFC North stayed relatively quiet. That doesn't mean there weren't some moves to keep an eye on as several new players are now in the division and could wind up being a problem.

Here, we will look at the three players Cleveland needs to worry about most, starting with a deep-threat wide receiver.

3 new problems in the AFC North for the Browns to worry about

3. Nelson Agholor, WR, Baltimore Ravens

As bad as the Browns were against the run last season, their inability to stop the deep ball was even more detrimental. They nearly surrendered a huge lead in Week 1 when Baker Mayfield hit Robbie Anderson for a 75-yard touchdown.

They did fall to the New York Jets the next week when they forgot to cover Corey Davis deep as they squandered a 13-point lead with under two minutes to play. That's why it's a little worrisome to see Nelson Agholor sign with the Baltimore Ravens.

Don't take that wrong, he's far from a No. 1 wideout but he's more than capable of getting deep. The good news is, Cleveland has defended him well.

They held him to no receptions in 2020 with the Las Vegas Raiders and then to just 21 yards on two receptions in 2021 with New England. Last year, when the Patriots and Browns played, Agholor missed the game, so they haven't been hurt too much by him despite facing his time three years in a row.

Even with that being the case, he's a player they have to game plan for. He might be quiet all day but he's also just one missed assignemtn away from making a game-changing play.