Browns rivals: 3 new problem players in the AFC North

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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1. Orlando Brown, LT, Cincinnati Bengals

This one could be considered not only a new face but also a familiar one.

Orlando Brown is a massive 6-foot-8, 363-pound tackle who began his career with the Baltimore Ravens. A third-round pick in 2018, he was Baker Mayfield's teammate with the Sooners and Mayfield tried to speak up for him following a disastrous Scouting Combine performance.

The former Cleveland quarterback was correct as Brown was a mainstay for three seasons with the Ravens. He was very good on the right side and made the Pro Bowl in 2019. He made it again in 2020 after moving to the left tackle position when Ronnie Stanley was injured.

This led to his departure as Brown didn't want to move back to the right side and ended up being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. He played there for two seasons and made two more trips to the All-Star game and won a title last year.

Once free agency opened, he landed with the Cincinnati Bengals who wanted to fix their offensive line once and for all. They feel they did that with a four-year, $64.09 million investment.

Cleveland has had some success over the Bengals in recent seasons, even with Joe Burrow under center. The main reason for this has been the porous offensive line play, which has allowed Myles Garrett to wreak havoc.

With Brown now protecting Burrow, Cleveland will have to work harder to get after Burrow. Any extra time for someone such as Burrow can be problematic, which is why seeing Brown back in the AFC North isn't ideal.

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