Buy or sell on Browns rumors: Is Nick Chubb a serious cut candidate?

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The Browns have a salary cap problem: Sell

Don't be confused by the previous mentions of potential cap savings. In the NFL, money is power, and it's only logical to have as much of it available as possible.

It's a wide misconception amongst Browns fans that the team is in salary cap jail. Perhaps this is due to the regularity of Deshaun Watson's contract being used as a punchline. Or maybe it has more to do with websites showing the Browns as currently being almost $8 million over the cap. Regardless, for anyone worried about the roster having to be gutted to suffice the numbers, take a deep breath and relax. Berry and company know what they're doing.

With the league rules around contract restructures, as well as the benefit of having a cash-rich owner willing to pay for said restructures, the Browns have an advantage that most teams simply don't have. In fact, when adding the potential restructures of Watson, Amari Cooper, and Denzel Ward, along with the league's recent cap increase, the front office could free up around $50 million in space to use this offseason.

This isn't a small deal, as the team looks to add veterans via both trades and free agency, while current Browns such as Greg Newsome, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, and Martin Emerson Jr will all be looking for contract extensions in the next 12 months.

The current core of the roster will remain in Cleveland throughout the primes of their careers, so long as management wants them to do so. For a more in-depth breakdown of the stability of the way the Browns are operating, check out this article, written by Jack Duffin of the Orange and Brown Report.