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Stefanski will give up play calling: Sell

Earlier this month, the Browns officially announced the hire of Ken Dorsey as offensive coordinator, replacing Alex Van Pelt, who had been with the team for four seasons.

Van Pelt, like Stefanski, prefers a scheme focused around running the ball and setting up play action with the QB under center, using time-based routes often including multiple tight end formations. Dorsey, however, is known for having spent time as QB coach with Cam Newton during the former MVP's prime years with the Carolina Panthers, as well as spending four and a half seasons in Buffalo as QB coach and offensive coordinator, guiding dynamic QB Josh Allen through the beginning of his career.

Dorsey is expected to add a new element to Stefanski's offense, focusing more on straight drop-back passing and run-pass options, operating almost purely out of the shotgun. Interestingly, Newton and Allen have found success in similar schemes, as Deshaun Watson has a similar skillset as the two dual-threat quarterbacks.

That being said, it's fair to ask whether or not Stefanski, who has been the team's playcaller since his hire in 2020, would be willing to release those duties to Dorsey in 2024. Dorsey, despite being fired by Buffalo during this past season, has experience calling plays for a successful offense. In fact, despite belief to the contrary, the Bills offense declined in most areas after the offensive coordinator switch.

Stefanski is viewed by most as an elite play-caller in his own right. He has two postseason appearances and two Coach of the Year awards to buttress the point. The change in scheme, however, could complicate things, as it is unknown if Stefanski would have the same feel for calling the new plays as he did in years past.

The question, then, is whether or not Stefanski will trust Dorsey to take full control of the offense. Or, if not a matter of trust, whether or not Stefanski simply wants to give up those duties.

It is a question that will likely remain unanswered until August when preseason begins, and one that could go either way. But for now, while maintaining the option to change up viewpoints later, "sell" seems like the more likely answer.

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