Browns Rumors: 5 last minute trades that can make Cleveland AFC North favorites

The Browns need to get aggressive and take advantage of this year's trade deadline

Cleveland Browns, DeAndre Hopkins
Cleveland Browns, DeAndre Hopkins / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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2. Derrick Henry, Titans

Here's one of the wild cards. The Browns lost Nick Chubb for the season, and Jerome Ford has looked like a solid fill-in when he's been healthy. Cleveland also brought back Kareem Hunt, who has gotten into the end zone already as well, not missing a beat.

But, the Browns have to at least check in on a possible Derrick Henry trade. Adding Henry to the mix could help Cleveland's offense get back to being the physical rushing team they were when Chubb was healthy. Both Chubb and Henry are known to be two of the best pure runners of the last few years, thus he would fit well.

Running back isn't necessarily a priority for the Browns, but my goodness, would this be a pleasant surprise. The fact that the Titans are also selling and Henry is on the last year of his deal makes this even more attractive of a move.