Browns Rumors: 5 last minute trades that can make Cleveland AFC North favorites

The Browns need to get aggressive and take advantage of this year's trade deadline

Cleveland Browns, DeAndre Hopkins
Cleveland Browns, DeAndre Hopkins / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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4. DeAndre Hopkins, Titans

Back to wide receiver, now, and back to Tennessee we go. If the Titans were doing their best to show off the talents of DeAndre Hopkins this past Sunday, they did a heck of a job. Hopkins hasn't lost a step in the least bit, as he went off for a 3-touchdown explosion, making his rookie quarterback look that much better in his first start.

Hopkins is on a one-year deal, and with the Titans not competing this season, he could very well be moved. His situation is intriguing, as the Cardinals couldn't find a trade partner earlier in the offseason and thus had to release him. Then, Hopkins received very little interest from contenders around the league as a free agent.

But now, as the season is about halfway done, the interest has to be picking up, you would think. For teams like the Browns, Chiefs and Ravens, Hopkins could be the difference between coming up just short of a Super Bowl and winning it all.

Hopkins is far from done. He still has the elite traits like his speed, catch radius and simply sticky hands that have made him one of the best in the league over the years. Oh, and he knows a thing or two about playing with Watson.