Browns schedule 2024: How many primetime games does Cleveland have?

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Cleveland Browns fans went a long time with their team not being relevant and getting any primetime games outside of the mandatory Thursday night match-ups. In 2019, they started to get more primetime attention and now it's typical for them to get at least one standalone game each season.

With the Browns coming off a tremendous season where they reached the playoffs (despite having four different quarterbacks), fans figured the team would get some primetime time slots in the 2024 season. Well, fans were right. We'll see the Browns in primetime several times this season.

How many primetime games do the Browns have in 2024?

Traditional primetime games are held at night and at times when no other games are taking place. With this in mind, the Browns play in primetime four times with the first game not coming until Week 12 against the Steelers at home on Thursday Night Football.

One week later, the Browns head to Denver for a Monday night match-up against the Broncos. They'll continue their heavy slate of primetime games in the back half of the season with standalone games in Weeks 16 and 17. The Week 16 game is yet another Thursday night game, this time against the Bengals on the road, and Week 17 will be a home game against the Dolphins on Sunday Night Football.

The Browns also play two games in the late window on Sunday afternoon with the first coming as early as Week 1 agains the Cowboys (4:05 PM EST kickoff) and another taking place in Week 4 against the Raiders (4:25 PM EST kickoff). All of the Browns' other games will be the standard 1:00 PM EST kickoff.

Considering the Browns never received primetime games a few years ago, it's nice to finally see them getting respected enough to be given not just one primetime match-up, but four.