Browns Stock Report: Deshaun Watson value is crashing as we speak

Deshaun Watson had a rough game (again) for the Cleveland Browns and his stock is at an all-time low

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Stock down: Deshaun Watson, QB

Browns fans across the globe were hoping Deshaun Watson would turn on the jets and help save the game after the loss of Nick Chubb but that never happened.

Watson started the game in the worst way possible by throwing an off-target throw to Harrison Bryant that couldn’t be corralled and was instead intercepted by the Steelers. It was then run back for a pick-six. Why did the game plan start with a four-yard out pattern for the third-string tight end? Besides the poor play call, the execution was even worse.

Throughout the game, Watson continued to struggle with his accuracy. He threw multiple passes behind receivers and missed them wildly on long pass attempts. He continued to look indecisive all night and didn't seem to trust his teammates or his own talents. He's now played in eight games for the Browns going back to last season and has a 4-4 record, with a 57 percent completion rate, and has thrown seven interceptions.

He tried making a few run attempts in the game Monday when he was forced out of the pocket but he ended up grabbing Steelers helmets instead and had two personal fouls called against him. The nail in the coffin on the night was when Watson didn’t feel the pressure from the backside of the defense and he was strip-sacked and the Steelers took the fumble and raced into the end zone. For the game, Watson went 22-40 for 235 yards with one touchdown and one costly interception that put the team behind the eight ball from the start.

You have to wonder how costly the move for Watson in a trade two offseasons ago is going to affect this team now and into the future. Right now, things don't look good long-term, and if they're counting on Watson to break out at some point and become that game-changer, they may have made a colossal mistake.

Stock down: Jedrick Wills

Jed Wills continues to be lost. He's constantly missing assignments, not blocking his opponents, and making his quarterback play under duress for most games. He’s now entered his fourth season and not much has changed in his play since his rookie campaign.

He was a first-round draft pick but seems like every game he is regressing. He seems to quit on plays all the time. On the strip sack and fumble by quarterback Deshaun Watson, he wasn't in a position to stop the pass rush by the Steelers and the man he was responsible for made the big play of the game.

Wills has an opportunity to help his team this season but the way it's started, he continues to be a liability to the group and his days in Cleveland are numbered.

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