Cleveland Browns 2023 roster prediction: Defensive Line

What will the Cleveland Browns defensive line look like when the 2023 season begins?

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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Cleveland Browns Defensive Line – The Fringe

After Garrett, Tomlinson, and Smith, the Cleveland Browns have a long list of mediocre players who really haven’t proven themselves in the NFL. What’s difficult is anyone could eventually turn into a good player, but predicting that is next to impossible. 

Jordan Elliott, Maurice Hurst, and Perrion Winfrey are the three fringe players in my opinion. Elliott by far has the most experience, but he has been very inconsistent, and his lack of discipline is extremely frustrating to watch.

Hurst likely has the most upside of this group of players, but injuries have plagued him his entire career.  After a strong first two seasons in the league, his prior two seasons have been lackluster with only 13 games of action. If Hurst has a healthy preseason, I think he is in. 

Winfrey is another major wildcard. There's no doubt that Berry will want to keep him. He's a second-year player with a huge motor and showed a had flashes of great as a rookie.  However, Winfrey can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

He has had legal issues off the field the last two seasons and appears to be a guy that struggles to follow team rules after not being active multiple times last season. Because he's talented, he may get one more pass, but his leash is definitely short. 

If I was a betting man all three of these guys make the roster, but only one will get a lot of playing time in the 2023 season.