Cleveland Browns 3 Duds (and 2 studs) in upsetting Week 4 loss to Ravens

• Jerome Ford hasn't been ideal as RB1

• DTR struggled in his first start for the Cleveland Browns

• Maybe we should stop running with Moore?

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Cleveland Browns Dud: Elijah Moore, WR

Right after an interception gave the Ravens a short field and a 7-0 lead, the Browns offense responded with their best drive of the game. Starting from the 25, they moved the ball down to the Baltimore 19 thanks to a couple of strong runs from Kareem Hunt and a 37-yard pass interference. But then, they went in the wrong direction.

Cleveland went with a receiver reverse and Elijah Moore ended up with the ball. Baltimore was ready for this and had Moore in their sights. Instead of taking the hit and going backward for a five-yard loss, Moore decided to try and escape danger by running backward.

That led to disaster as Moore was taken down at the Baltimore 39 for a loss of 20 yards. They lost another five yards when Thompson-Robinson had an ill-advised penalty for an illegal forward pass and before long, a potential touchdown drive came down to Dustin Hopkins attempting a 53-yard field goal.

Thankfully, Hopkins continued to shine and knocked the ball through the uprights but this was a missed opportunity thanks in large part to the poor decision from Moore. With Deshaun Watson out, the Browns needed their veterans to do their job and help the rookie quarterback, which is far from what Moore accomplished here.