Cleveland Browns 3 Duds (and 2 studs) in upsetting Week 4 loss to Ravens

• Jerome Ford hasn't been ideal as RB1

• DTR struggled in his first start for the Cleveland Browns

• Maybe we should stop running with Moore?

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Cleveland Browns Stud: Myles Garrett, EDGE

Looking at a 28-3 loss could make it seem as though the defense failed to do their part. However, that wasn't the case in this one.

Jim Schwartz had his unit doing all they could and while they gave up 28 points — after surrendering just six in the first two home games — 14 of those points came off interceptions from DTR. Despite being put into poor situations, the defense deserves praise, especially Myles Garrett.

He was firing off the line of scrimmage early in the game and helped the team force a three-and-out on the first two series of the game. Garrett ended up with just two tackles but he was pressuring Lamar Jackson all night and had a sack, which also resulted in a fumble. Cleveland was unable to get the ball on that play but Garrett nearly had a momentum-swinger.

Garrett was injured later in the game and had to head to the blue tent. He had an opponent fall on his left leg and that led to trainers checking on him on the field. He got up and was visibly limping before being looked at on the sideline.

Thankfully, he returned to the field so it's (hopefully) nothing to worry about going forward — especially since the entire D-line lacked pop when he wasn't firing off the line as he was before the injury.