Cleveland Browns: 3 keys to a successful 2023 season

The Cleveland Browns will need these three key things to take place for them to have a successful season
New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns
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No. 2 key this season: Browns must score touchdowns in the Red Zone

While Cleveland got the ball inside the "red zone" (inside the opponent's 20-yard line) many times last season, they didn't do a very good job of converting those opportunities into touchdowns. If they're going to have more success this season, they must make the most of their chances this time around.

Last season, the Browns were 19th in scoring touchdowns in the red zone. Their percentage was only at 53%. While they were a bit better at home converting at a 63% clip, they only scored touchdowns 42% of the time on the road, which was 26th in the league.

Those numbers have a bearing on Cleveland scoring points and that meant the team landed in 17th place in average points scored in a game at 21.2. The better teams in the NFL like the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles scored more than 29 points a game and converted on red zone drives into touchdowns at a much higher rate.

While Cleveland was pretty good at converting on fourth down opportunities, a little over 50%, they need to work on moving the ball down the field and execute better.

Good teams in the NFL avoid getting into too many fourth-down plays. While Browns fans and analysts alike have debated the Browns going for these fourth-down attempts in the past, the best way to stop the battle of words is to have the coaches coach better and the players play better.