Cleveland Browns 3 overreactions heading into Week 3

• Nick Chubb done means season over?

• Passing game can't cut it?

• 3 overreactions heading into Week 3

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2. "The passing game is a dead end solution"

Another overreaction for the Cleveland Browns heading into Week 3? The passing game is a dead-end solution for this offense. If they are expecting Deshaun Watson to pick up the slack after losing Nick Chubb, the team is sorely mistaken.

Honestly, it's hard to sit here and argue with this kind of "overreaction" given what we've seen from the Browns' aerial attack in just a couple of games. Deshaun Watson's completion rate is under 56 percent, which is not something you expect from him based on what he did in Houston.

He's always been a pretty accurate passer and not reckless with the ball, but through two games this season -- and all of his starts last season -- he's got a combined completion rate of 57.3 percent as a member of the Browns.

That's not good.

Watson completed nearly 68 percent of his throws when he was with the Houston Texans, but the last time he played at a high level for them was all the way back in 2020 at this point. For many Cleveland Browns fans, there's enough of a sample size to believe at this point that the passing game won't be able to carry the offense going forward. To them, it's a dead-end solution after losing the offense's biggest star.

But it's an area of this team that's going to have to improve and evolve quickly. They can still run the ball efficiently, but losing Nick Chubb is going to force Deshaun Watson to have to win more games for the Browns instead of just managing them.