Cleveland Browns 3 overreactions heading into Week 3

• Nick Chubb done means season over?

• Passing game can't cut it?

• 3 overreactions heading into Week 3

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3. "The Browns should prepare for a fire sale at the NFL trade deadline"

Look, it's never a bad idea to think about this "just in case" kind of scenario, but I don't think it's time for Browns fans to start looking at NFL Draft prospects just yet. Cleveland has plenty of desirable assets on the roster that other teams would like to have, but is this team going to pack it in with a potential top-3 defense in the NFL?

I don't think so. Unless the Browns lose every game between now and the NFL trade deadline, I think we can safely assume this team won't be a seller.

There are jobs on the line in Cleveland (but when is that not the case?). There are way too many good veterans for this team to truly tank. It would require a collapse of epic proportions in the next handful of weeks to get this team into a true "tank" position.

The Browns have to continue to trust the process and trust that their defense will be able to carry them to some wins. I know there's not really an "only" that you can put before allowing 26 points, but to "only" allow 26 points when your team fumbles three times and throws a pick?


The offense has to find a way to do better. Pass protection has to be better. The Cleveland offense right now is not built to really be able to overcome that kind of ineptitude when it comes to turning the ball over. Giving up six sacks in one game to six different players is bordering on unthinkable. The Browns will face really good pass rushes all throughout the season, but one bad game hopefully isn't going to be an indicator of any sort of permanent performance.

Although it's easy to look on the negative side of things with the way things have historically gone for this franchise, there's no need to overreact just yet. The Browns face the Titans in Week 3 with a chance to get back on track and get fans back on the optimistic side of things.

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