Cleveland Browns: 4 best things to look forward to this season

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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No. 3: Nick Chubb

We are all witnesses to a great career unfolding in front of us when we start talking about running back Nick Chubb. He's entering his sixth season with the Browns and will likely be considered the second-best running back in terms of rushing yards by the end of the season. Only the late Jim Brown will be in front of Chubb.

It was interesting to watch of bit of video from the team's minicamp this week and note that Chubb's former teammate for the past three seasons, Kareem Hunt was noticeably absent as he's a free agent now, still waiting to sign with a new team. This unique situation for Chubb won't have much bearing on his season, but the two former teammates were good compliments to each other in the past.

We will have to see how the running back room pans out but for now, knowing that Chubb is within climbing past former Cleveland running back Leroy Kelly will be worth watching every Browns game for.

It's not often in Browns nor NFL history that we get to watch a player like Chubb who has been so consistent with his efforts over these first five seasons. With the passing of Jim Brown recently, it's given Cleveland fans a chance to pause and remember the legend but it's also brought to light that Chubb is closing in on some of Brown's records.

It will be interesting to watch this next season unfold. Chubb could be given a third contract by the Browns as early as next offseason and if I were them, I'd make sure to make that happens.