Cleveland Browns Anthony Schwartz on the hot seat this year

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Anthony Schwartz is the classic "speedy wide receiver" the fans are always wishing the Browns would draft, but he will have to step it up to make the roster this season.

Each year, there's a clamor for the Cleveland Browns to draft more speedy wide receivers. It's almost a cliché, and it's enough to make Browns mascot Chomps barf his doggie biscuits. If speed were so important, Anthony Schwartz, who clocked 4.26 seconds on his Pro Day, would be All-Pro. The problem with this logic is those wide receivers actually have to catch the ball. Speed is nice, but there are glaciers in Alaska that move faster than Cooper Kupp and yet he does all right.

So far, Schwartz has not done that, with a career catch percentage of 42.4%. In baseball, no player has crossed the .400 mark since Ted Williams did it in 1941. Well, Schwartz has done it twice in football. Unfortunately, the eyeball test agrees with the numbers. Mr. Schwartz can run fast, but has not shown the ability to catch footballs.

Generally, Andrew Berry draft picks make the Browns roster. However, this is Schwartz's third year. They could cut him and save $878,000 from his $1.33 million cap hit this season by moving on.

This summer's camp may be the last opportunity for the Browns and Schwartz to work together to undo the mistakes in his development and find a role in the team that he can excel at, or else he will likely be waived. However, not everything has been his fault, as the Browns have mishandled his case from the start.