Cleveland Browns Anthony Schwartz on the hot seat this year

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Anthony Schwartz
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What can Anthony Schwartz do well?

Anthony Schwartz wound up on IR with a concussion in 2022. According to Draft Sharks, that is the only time he has really been injured, despite playing extensively on special teams. In college, he missed four games in three years. How horrible is that? Nevertheless, many Dawgs insist that he is injury prone and frail. You could perhaps make a case on the basis of his small size (186 pounds), but the durability numbers don't really bear that out.

The thing that Schwartz has been really successful at is the jet sweep. I his career, he has 10 rushes for 96 yards and a touchdown. That's 9.6 yards per carry. Do opposing defenses have an answer for that? Common sense would suggest that defenses can stop it if they put their mind to iit, but maybe not. Maybe the flanker reverse can be a thing.

The fact that he makes tackles on special teams, plus his extreme speed and lack of receptions suggest that perhaps he should have worked out as a cornerback. If speed is not that important for a wide receiver, it is very important for a cornerback.

The New England Patriots convert players to different positions all the time. Why not the Browns? You can say that the odds are against Schwartz making it as a cornerback or even a running back, but the odds are very against him making it as a wide receiver unless he demonstrates a quantum improvement in his ability to catch the ball.

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