Biggest free-agency mistakes Browns made and how to fix them in the NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper
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Cleveland needs to quit with the Band-Aid approach at running back

There was no way the Browns were going to cut Nick Chubb. He is too much a fan favorite and, after enduring such a gruesome injury last year, that would be a horribly disrespectful way for the Browns to show him the door. Instead, he took a pay cut. But, there's no word on his timetable for a return just yet.

Jerome Ford has been fine. D'Onta Foreman was a fine signing. Nyheim Hines is fine.

But, are we really going to settle for "fine?" This Band-Aid approach has to stop at a certain point. The Browns need to find a long-term solution, especially if Chubb isn't the same guy he once was.

Fortunately, this running back class will see a lot of guys taken in the middle rounds. For Cleveland, who has been accustomed to the physical, downhill style of Chubb, there's a guy by the name of Braelon Allen out of Wisconsin who would be the perfect fit.

Allen is an absolute tank, standing 6-foot-1 and 235 pounds. He's used to carrying defenders on his back and handling the bulk of the carries. His style fits perfectly and the Browns could end up getting him in the fourth round.