Cleveland Browns: Day 2 mock draft bring in Gervon Dexter, Roschon Johnson

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Browns Round 4, Pick 111: Roschon Johnson, RB, Texas

Nick Chubb is still a dominant force but the Browns can't go into the season without more options behind him. Yes, they believe in Jerome Ford but missed out on a huge opportunity to play him down the stretch — especially knowing Kareem Hunt wasn't coming back.

Since they didn't use Ford more during his rookie campaign, he now has just eight NFL carries to his name. That's why adding another player to compete for snaps is a good idea and they land a potential stud at pick 111 in Rocshon Johnson.

Overshadowed by Bijan Robinson, Johnson started to turn heads during the offseason. He showed off a great mix of athleticism and power, making him a great option to pound defenses in the second half of the game.

This strategy allows Chubb to get some much-needed rest on the sideline as the fan base freaks out and calls for the team to run him into the ground and prematurely end his career.

Browns Round 4, Pick 126: JL Skinner, S, Boise State

Adding Juan Thornhill this offseason was huge. He's a superior fit for this defense than what John Johnson III offered (and that's not a knock on JJ3). Thornhill can play that centerfield role, which this defense has lacked for years.

He's going to also allow Grant Delpit to move around more, which will help him play to his strengths. The only concern is, there aren't great options behind them.

Enter JL Skinner, who is a versatile defensive back capable of playing either spot. He's got the size and speed to play deep but is also a weapon when attacking at the line of scrimmage.

This safety class is far from elite but a few players, such as Skinner, can do just enough to be serviceable backups that you can start in a pinch.