ESPN suggests Browns should trade for Justin Fields this offseason

This one would be wild.

Cleveland Browns, Justin Fields
Cleveland Browns, Justin Fields / Jason Miller/GettyImages

One of the biggest offseason storylines that could end up affecting the entire NFL is what the Chicago Bears choose to do with the no. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. And, believe it or not, one particular expert feels this decision could impact the Cleveland Browns.

The Bears could choose to stick with Justin Fields under center, thus trading the first overall pick for the second-straight year. But, most are now under the assumption that Chicago is going to draft a quarterback with the no. 1 pick and move on from Fields in a trade this offseason.

The question now becomes, just where will Fields land?

ESPN's Seth Walder recently suggested that the Browns should enter the sweepstakes and make a move for Fields.

Trading for Justin Fields might seem like a crazy idea, but the Browns might have something here.

"This is a wild one, I know. But if I were the Browns, I would look at Deshaun Watson as mostly a sunk cost and try to upgrade at quarterback. With no first-round pick and so much. money already heading Watson's way, this would be tough to do," Walder writes.

This kind of rings similar to the Denver Broncos' situation with Russell Wilson. After just two seasons with Wilson, Denver is looking at moving on. The difference in Denver, though, is the fact that Wilson can still play.

Deshaun Watson has looked like a shell of himself in the limited time he's been on the field for the Browns.

"But trading a second- or third-round pick for Fields (still on his rookie contract) is feasible, and I'd like to see Fields in Kevin Stefanski's offense," Walder went on. "The alternative is simply hoping that Watson improves and, if not, wasting another year of a talented roster."

He's not wrong. This is a very talented roster. This is a defense that can potentially carry a team to a championship (no, let's not mention the Texans playoff game just yet).

Would Fields be an improvement over Watson? He could be. At the very least, he's got more of a future in this league than Watson seems to have. It might be worth a shot.