3 free agents Browns should let walk in 2024

The Browns need to wave goodbye to these guys come the spring.

Cleveland Browns, Za'Darius Smith
Cleveland Browns, Za'Darius Smith / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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2. Kareem Hunt, RB

We are not sure just exactly what the future holds for longtime Brown Nick Chubb after his horrific injury earlier this season. In a perfect world, Chubb is able to come back and give the Browns 80 percent of his former self. But, he'll be 28 in a few days and, as we have come to know well, that's an age when most running backs decline and never come back to prime form.

Jerome Ford could be the future, here, but the jury is still out.

One thing we know, for sure, is that Kareem Hunt's time in Cleveland should be done. He did well in his first stint with the Browns and even had some convinced that he'd be able to take on a lead role once again. But, as we've seen this year, Hunt is no longer the same guy he once was.

He is averaging a career-low 3.3 yards per carry this season.

As a running back who is even older than Chubb and will turn 29 next August, Hunt isn't worth paying to stick around. He decided to play the contract game as a free agent this year, giving us all the indication that he thought he was worth more than most teams were willing to pay him. That isn't looking great on his part at this stage in the season, and I would venture to guess most teams are out on him altogether after this year.