3 moves the Browns can make to get under salary cap

Don't panic. The Browns can create some space.

Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper
Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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This week, as teams prepare for the NFL Combine coming March 1, we are starting to see a handful of moves made. The Cleveland Browns will probably follow suit, here, soon.

Whether it's restructures or all-out cuts, teams are making moves to try and get under the salary cap or simply create more space on top of what they already have.

Per Over the Cap, the Browns are still roughly $20 million over the salary cap for 2024.

it should be noted that Cleveland could restructure Deshaun Watson's contract and save roughly $33 million in doing so. Just last year, Cleveland did something similar to save over $30 million. But, beyond Watson's situation, let's look at a few more moves the Browns could make.

1. Restructure Denzel Ward

Back in 2022, cornerback Denzel Ward signed a 5-year extension worth $100.5 million. It was scheduled to start in 2023, so he is technically only one year into the extension. The Browns could do one of two things with Ward, this offseason. They do have an ability to extend him again, adding another year and saving $11.3 million this year.

But, he's already locked down through the 2027 season. So, the most likely scenario would be a simple restructure of his current deal, which would still save the Browns $10.6 million against the cap this season.

At the time of Ward's extension, he became the league's highest-paid cornerback. That was, until, Green Bay gave Jaire Alexander a deal worth an annual average of $21 million. Ward's 2023 season saw him have a career year in terms of average yards per target allowed (just 5.1) and opposing quarterback rating (a staunchy 56.2). He also tied a career-best with allowing just one touchdown all year.