3 moves the Browns can make to get under salary cap

Don't panic. The Browns can create some space.

Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper
Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. Restructure or extend Amari Cooper

This offseason, there are a good amount of free agent wide receivers, at least at the top of the market. No one is talking a whole lot about Amari Cooper being in the final year of his contract, though, and that's something the Browns need to look at. Cleveland has a couple of options with Cooper that could save them some cash.

First, they could restructure his deal this year and save $12.5 million against the cap. Although, the odds of Cooper agreeing to a restrucutre might not be that high. Sure, he still gets the same amount of money with a lot of it being converted into bonuses. But, why would he help the team out without being given long-term job security?

The best option for Cooper, and the Browns if we're being honest, is to give him an extension. By doing this, the Browns will save over $15 million against the cap this year. They also lock down their top wide receiver for a few more years, and this is a position they desperately need to find additional depth. Losing Cooper after this season could put this team at the very bottom of the league in talent at the position.