3 moves the Browns can make to get under salary cap

Don't panic. The Browns can create some space.

Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper
Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Release Nick Chubb

Now, there's the Nick Chubb situation that everyone knows is coming to a decision sooner or later. Obviously, Chubb's 2023 season ended prematurely after a nasty knee injury took him out for the year. Turning right around and releasing him would quite literally be an "insult to injury" type of circumstance.

But, that's exactly what the Browns should do. First of all, I should say that Chubb could opt to take a pay cut. If he wants to stick around and be here for another run in 2024, then maybe the two sides come to an agreement on a pay cut, especially knowing that he might not be the same guy he was after recovering from this injury.

If the Browns opted to cut him, though, that would save the team $11.8 million.

Let's say they are able to restructure Ward, extend Cooper and cut Chubb. That's going to free up almost $37 million. Then, if they decided to restructure Watson's deal, that gives them about $70 million freed up. In the end, they could be looking at being around $50 million under the cap in just four moves.