Myles Garrett has a bad taste in his mouth entering 2024 season

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year is on a mission.
Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett
Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett / Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns will go as Myles Garrett goes.

At least, their defense will.

The reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year is as locked in as ever before, using the Browns' postseason drubbing as motivation going into the 2024 season. Of course, fans will not soon forget the 45-14 beatdown Houston put on the Browns earlier this year.

After a recent minicamp practice, Garrett explained where his mindset is after ending last season in such disappointing fashion and how that playoff loss is still ringing loudly in his ear.

Said Garrett:

"It's definitely at the forefront of my mind always. That's the last taste of football that we all had. I'm trying to make that apparent to everyone and continue to keep it as motivation for myself."

Myles Garrett will only be satisfied if the Browns win a Super Bowl, but one major factor plays an integral role

The star defender went on to talk about his number one goal going into this coming season:

"God willing, I can build on the success that we had last year, have everyone be healthy and win a Super Bowl. That's where my eyes are only."

In order to win a Super Bowl this coming season, the Browns are going to have to get competent play at the quarterback position. With Deshaun Watson returning from shoulder surgery, that's the biggest question on everyone's mind: will Watson return to form?

Furthermore, will he be able to stay healthy?

The Browns' defense is going to be a force, once again. There is no reason to believe this unit can't finish in the top five for the second-straight year, if not finish no. 1 again. But, the biggest question marks come on the offensive side.

Watson is going to have to live up to that trade and contract at some point, because if he doesn't, this organization, fan base and maybe even the locker room could turn on him. This front office put themselves out on a limb by making the move for the former Texans star, and so far, things have hardly panned out.

Hopefully, Garrett's prime isn't wasted because of inconsistency at a position that's plagued the Browns more often than not during their rich history.