3 free agent QBs the Browns should avoid in wake of Deshaun Watson news

The $230 million man is now out for the season.

Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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3. Matt Ryan

Longtime Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is currently a commentator and analyst for CBS this year, while he takes a season off from playing the game. Like Flacco, though, Ryan has yet to call it quits. Instead, he planned on taking this year off and reigniting an NFL opportunity in 2024, if he gets a phone call.

“I’m staying in shape,” Ryan told The Athletic earlier in the year. “I think it is kind of, ‘You know my number. You know where I’m at.’ If anything were to come up, you know, we’ll see. (My broadcasting job with CBS) is where my focus is at right now. But we’ll see how the season shakes out.”

Ryan might be a better option than the aforementioned Flacco, but not by much. His age has caught up with him and he's no longer the prolific passer he once was, where a 4,000-yard season seemed effortless to him.

Maybe a couple of years ago, Ryan would have been a great option for a playoff contender to turn to in the wake of a serious injury. But, not at this point. I have a hard time believing he'll get a shot in 2024, when he turns 39.