NFL Mock Draft 2024: Cleveland Browns Day 2 predictions

It is officially go-time.
Cleveland Browns, NFL Draft
Cleveland Browns, NFL Draft / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The first round of the 2024 NFL Draft featured some big-time surprises, but they didn't include the Cleveland Browns trading up.

Instead, Cleveland will stick with the plan as their first pick comes in Round 2 at no. 54 overall.

The Browns go into Rounds 2 and 3, Friday night, owning a pair of picks, that 54th selection along with no. 85 coming in the third.

What route do the Browns go with their first two picks of the draft? They'll likely have plenty of options, including many which would make sense. But, let's try and boldly predict exactly what they will do.

The Browns will be the first team to select a running back in the 2024 NFL Draft

Nick Chubb is coming back, but we don't know just when he'll be back, nor do we know what kind of player he'll be. Jerome Ford is still here, and so are veterans D'Onta Foreman and Nyheim Hines.

Yet, it still feels like the Browns could look at making a significant move in order to solidify the future at this position. With that said, watch the Browns draft Texas running back Jonathan Brooks, making him the first running back off the board.

Yes, that means one or two of Foreman, Ford or Hines will not make this roster, and that shouldn't surprise anyone with the rate running backs have fallen off cliffs over the years.

Brooks, meanwhile, is a guy who can handle being the lead back and excel as both a runner and in the passing game. He accelerates better than just about anyone else at his position and operates as a smooth-cutting back with shifty footwork. Brooks is the best back in this class, and he comes to Cleveland, solidifying the position.

In the third round, Cleveland will ensure they come away with Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

The Browns need to add talent at linebacker, and when Round 3 kicks off, one of the top players at the position could still be available in Clemson's Jeremiah Trotter Jr. If that's the case, Cleveland needs to trade up from the no. 85 pick and make sure they get him.

Trotter is labeled as being undersized, but that shouldn't deter the Browns from taking him. He has the ability to be the very best linebacker in his class, regardless of the knocks on him. His production cannot be questioned. He plays the game just like his father and former Eagles legend, Jeremiah Trotter Sr. The man is a machine. He's everywhere.

Over his last two seasons, Trotter has accumulated 177 tackles, including 28.5 for a loss, 12.0 sacks, four interceptions, 10 pass breakups and two defensive touchdowns.