5 nightmare scenarios for the Browns in 2024

What happens if the you-know-what hits the fan?
Cleveland Browns, Kevin Stefanski
Cleveland Browns, Kevin Stefanski / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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The Jerry Jeudy gamble doesn't pan out

The wide receiver room could be one of the stronger parts of this roster, if all goes according to plan. But, on the flip side, this could wind up being a weakness. Outside of Amari Cooper, the Browns don't have a sure thing. Elijah Moore is inconsistent, which is why the team brought in Jerry Jeudy via trade. Then, they extended him right away.

What if Jeudy continues to be on the cusp of breaking out, yet doesn't live up to his potential? This has the feeling of a possible Elijah Moore situation all over again; a player with tons of potential and hype coming to Cleveland and just not panning out.

The rest of the AFC North is a gauntlet

This division, as usual, has the potential to be one of the toughest in football. We know the Baltimore Ravens are going to be a problem with Lamar Jackson, Derrick Henry and that vaunted defense. But, the Bengals get Joe Burrow back, and that makes them an instant threat.

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, things have the potential to go very well for the Steelers if their quarterback situation gets solidified behind either Russell Wilson or Justin Fields. Pittsburgh's defense should be competitive, as usual, behind T.J. Watt and company. If the AFC North proves to be even tougher than it normally is, a worst-case scenario might see the Browns go somewhere along the lines of 2-4 against their rivals.