5 nightmare scenarios for the Browns in 2024

What happens if the you-know-what hits the fan?
Cleveland Browns, Kevin Stefanski
Cleveland Browns, Kevin Stefanski / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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An injury to Deshaun Watson puts fear into the minds of Browns fans

We never want to speak things like this into existence, but with Deshaun Watson's recent history, there is always a chance of injury. His shoulder surgery went well and, by all accounts, he should be ready to roll. But, what if a re-injury were to happen?

The Browns signed Jameis Winston to come in and back him up, but Winston is more of a stopgap. Like Joe Flacco, Winston could prove to allow Cleveland to be 'good enough,' but not great. If that's the case, then a Wild Card berth might be in play, but an early postseason exit is likely.

If Watson stays healthy, there's always still a possibility of...

Deshaun Watson doesn't regain his form

This is another realistic possibility. What if Watson stays healthy but simply doesn't come back to where he once was back in Houston? In the games he's played for Cleveland, Watson has shown some good things. He's also given fans reason to worry, and in a big way.

Watson once led the league in passing yards not too long ago, but whether it's his off-field question marks or injuries, he may not be the same guy -- ever.

If Watson is healthy, but plays poorly, and the Browns are stuck with this contract, then it's not just 2024 which fans will have to worry about.