3 Cleveland Browns offseason decisions that could age poorly

Could any of these decisions, or lack thereof, have an impact in 2024?
Cleveland Browns, Joe Flacco
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Not re-signing Joe Flacco could backfire

The Browns are hoping to get starting quarterback Deshaun Watson back and healthy for Week 1 of the 2024 season, and ideally before then, in order to get into a rhythm. A shoulder injury ultimately ended his 2023 campaign and he's since had surgery, of course.

Last year, Joe Flacco came in and shocked the world by leading the Browns to the postseason, playing better than anyone could have asked him to. It was one of the better stories around the league last year.

And, this offseason, the Browns allowed Flacco to leave in free agency when he signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Many fans would have liked to see Flacco return to back up Watson, especially if Watson isn't ready to go or endures another injury.

Instead, it'll be Jameis Winston backing up Watson. And, while Winston isn't necessarily a bad option, he's not Flacco. Bringing Flacco back would have made a lot of sense because of the chemistry he's already built within the locker room. He already knows the offense. He knows many of the guys. But, now it's Winston. And, if we've learned anything about Winston over his career, it's that you should expect the unexpected.

Winston is a good backup, but Flacco might have been a better fit.