4 players Browns need to make room for on depth chart

  • An undrafted pass rusher
  • A potential gem at running back
  • Speed, speed, speed
  • An obvious move coming at QB

Cleveland Browns, Hassan Hall
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4. Dorian Thompson Robinson should be moving up the depth chart soon

Rookie fifth-round pick Dorian Thompson-Robinson is still fourth on the depth chart behind Kellen Mond, Joshua Dobbs and Deshaun Watson. But, with his performance in the Hall of Fame Game and how he's performed in camp thus far, the Browns cannot keep him buried for too long.

Let's look at the facts, too. A team won't spend a fifth-round pick on a quarterback only to dump him. That would be foolish. Cleveland not only has plans to keep Thompson-Robinson, but hopefully to make him the long-term backup to Watson and develop him into a starting-caliber player in this league.

As a dual-threat quarterback, Thompson-Robinson has more upside than either of the two guys in front of him. His legs are strong and he runs much better than either Mond or Dobbs, but his potential to be coached up in his passing ability is what really makes him interesting.

In that first preseason game, Thompson-Robinson went 8-for-11 for 82 yards and a touchdown while adding 37 yards on the ground. He'll get moved up. It's only a matter of time.