Cleveland Browns post-bye week by week game prediction: Playoffs still likely

The Cleveland Browns have at least nine games they should be able to win in the final 14 contests. Sitting at 2-2 at the bye, this should be enough for them to make a playoff run.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Week 7: Browns at Colts

After the meeting with San Francisco, the schedule gets a little lighter for the Browns. That starts with a visit to Indianapolis to take on the Colts in Week 7. Indy has been better than expected with a mark of 2-2 and that includes a win over Baltimore.

Having said that, this Cleveland defense should be able to keep Anthony Richardson from lighting up the scoreboard. He's sure to pick up some rushing yards but Jim Schwartz will make sure he doesn't throw it all over the yard. That leads to a win, even though it might be a closer contest than expected.

Final Score: Browns 27, Colts 24

Cleveland Browns Record 3-3

Week 8: Browns at Seahawks

Ever since Geno Smith took over for Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks have been a tough out for anyone. To kick off the 2023 campaign, they were one of the teams to watch thanks to an impressive season last year, which ended with them in the playoffs.

Expectations dipped when the L.A. Rams shocked them with a 31-13 win but since then, they dropped 30 points twice, defeated the Lions in OT, and just won 24-3 against the Giants. Cleveland can still keep it close but this one is on the road and the 'Hawks typically have a decent home-field advantage. If this was in Cleveland, it would tip in the Browns favor. Since it's not, they suffer a frustrating loss on the road.

Final Score: Seahawks 34, Browns 31

Cleveland Browns Record 3-4