Cleveland Browns post-bye week by week game prediction: Playoffs still likely

The Cleveland Browns have at least nine games they should be able to win in the final 14 contests. Sitting at 2-2 at the bye, this should be enough for them to make a playoff run.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Week 11: Steelers at Browns

Another revenge game comes up as the Browns host the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 11. Cleveland should have won their first meeting despite throwing a pick-six on the opening play. In fact, they had several miscues but still had the game in hand until the fourth quarter when T.J. Watt picked up a fumble caused by Alex Highsmith and ran it in for the winning score.

Take away those 14 points that the offense spotted the Steelers and this would have been a 22-12 win. The defense clearly has their number but this time, the offense shows up with a stronger focus. That ends up making it a long night for Pittsburgh.

Final Score: Browns 28, Steelers 10

Cleveland Browns Record 6-4

Week 12: Browns at Broncos

Cleveland improved to 6-4 in Week 11 and now, they head to the Mile High City to take on the Denver Broncos. Despite their huge offseason move for Sean Payton, the Broncos have been a disaster. That doesn't seem as though it will change anytime soon, which is a good thing for the Browns.

This could get ugly for Russell Wilson — another huge move of theirs that hasn't panned out — as Myles Garrett will move around and find the weakness in their defense. Look for them to force a couple of turnovers while the offense has its way with this secondary.

Final Score: Browns 34, Broncos 16

Cleveland Browns Record 7-4