Cleveland Browns post-bye week by week game prediction: Playoffs still likely

The Cleveland Browns have at least nine games they should be able to win in the final 14 contests. Sitting at 2-2 at the bye, this should be enough for them to make a playoff run.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Week 17: Jets at Browns (Thursday Night Football)

Predicted as an upset win on Thursday Night Football, the Browns will now enter Week 17 as the favorites. The New York Jets lost Aaron Rodgers to an Achilles injury after just four snaps and their season is spiraling. Zach Wilson is nowhere near the player Rodgers is and so far, his best highlight is coming close against Kansas City.

Cleveland will struggle on offense, which will be frustrating, but that should be expected against a talented defense. But their defense will be able to tee off on Wilson and should have a fun time under the bright lights.

Final Score: Browns 16, Jets 9

Cleveland Browns Record 10-6

Week 18: Browns at Bengals

The Bengals started their season by losing to the Browns and it made them so mad that Ja'Marr Chase went off about elves. This time, they'll be looking for revenge — but they won't find it.

Cincinnati isn't the same team this year and Joe Burrow is clearly dealing with a larger issue than he's letting on. Continuing to play won't heal his calf, especially with their offensive line.

That line again finds themselves under siege by Cleveland's defensive front, which leads to at least one interception. It won't be as massive a blowout as it was in Week 1 but it will be a comfortable win to improve to 11-6 and make the playoffs. The only question is whether that's enough to take the North from Baltimore, who has the early lead.

Final Score: Browns 31, Bengals 28

Cleveland Browns Record 11-6

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