5 powerful quotes honoring Joe Thomas' Hall of Fame career with Browns

In celebration of the Hall of Famer, Joe Thomas, we look back at some powerful quotes that summarize who the Cleveland Browns legend was.

Cleveland Browns, Joe Thomas
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4. Former teammate Joe Haden praises Thomas' work ethic and durability

Before he tore his triceps in the final season of his career, Thomas had played every single game, snap after snap, for 10 years. The injury that forced him to retire also forced his peers to look back on just how special a player he was.

"I missed a lot of games in my career, and it's a physical game. It's a tough sport. And him playing on the line, a position where you're hitting every single play, you're battling against the best pass rushers that they have, it just shows like his body, it's a blessing that you can be able to play.

"He's not only playing healthy, he's playing hurt out there, fighting for his teammates. And to play at that consistent high level, just, I can't say that enough, to go to consecutive Pro Bowls, to not miss snaps and to be there for your team every single week for 16 weeks, that's unheard of." -Joe Haden, via The Beacon Journal

5. Former teammate Karlos Dansby talks authenticity

"Before I got here I used to hear about him. 'Joe Thomas is the best tackle in the game.' I said, 'Yeah?' I never saw him play, but that's what I heard. Now since I'm here, and I see his work ethic, what he's able to do in the game ... he takes it from the practice field to the game and it's real. It is real," said Dansby, via ESPN

This kind of sums Thomas up, altogether. He was a man of high character, but also the best work ethic you'd ever seen. His track background shone through on the regular. He was athletic, but worked his tail off day-in and day-out. All of it came together to give Browns fans the gift of one of the greatest offensive linemen to ever play the game.

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