Ranking the top 5 Browns running backs of all-time

Cleveland Browns, Jim Brown
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4. Nick Chubb

Current Browns running back Nick Chubb checks in at no. 4 here, and he's not done yet. At the moment, Chubb has totaled 6,341 yards in his Browns career. If he has another 1,000-yard season in 2023, Chubb will take over the number two spot on the team's all-time rushing list, which would put him just below some legendary company.

As a second-round pick out of Georgia back in the 2018 NFL Draft, Chubb came into the league with some high expectations. He had taken over for the ultra-talented Todd Gurley at Georgia, carrying a torch which Gurley held high.

Since entering the league, Chubb has carried the Georgia Bulldog torch well. Had he been a full-time starter in his rookie season, Chubb easily would have topped 1,000 rushing yards, making it over that mark every single season of his pro career thus far. Instead, as a rookie, he rushed for 996 yards and eight scores.

His best year, so far, was the 2022 campaign where he ran for a current career-best 1,525 yards and 12 touchdowns. At the moment, Chubb is on a streak of making four Pro Bowls in a row and very well could be on his way to a fifth. Assuming health continues to be on his side, Chubb is going to cement himself in the Browns history books as one of the best players to ever put on the uniform.