Cleveland Browns schedule: Predicting the outcome of all 3 remaining games

How will the final three games play out for the Cleveland Browns, who are looking for another playoff run

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Week 17 New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

For a couple of weeks, there was a chance Aaron Rodgers would be under center for the New York Jets when they took on the Browns in Cleveland. With Week 17 now approaching, there's more clarity on the situation. Rodgers has worked hard to get back to the field but with the Jets out of playoff contention, he's going to do the right thing and wait until 2024.

Rodgers' desire to return makes a lot of sense. He's 40 years old and understands he can't play this game forever. But with nothing to play for, suiting up would be too much of a risk considering how serious of an injury he suffered. For those who don't remember, Rodgers tore his Achilles on his fourth snap with the Jets.

Rodgers' absence means the Browns will likely finish the year with three teams who are using backup quarterbacks — assuming Stroud is out in Week 16. For the Jets, they're hopeful Zach Wilson will be back after he suffered a concussion in Week 15. Trevor Siemian is slated to start this weekend and if Wilson doesn't get cleared, he will head to Cleveland Browns Stadium the following Sunday.

Whether it's Wilson or Siemian, it won't matter. Cleveland has the superior team and should pull off the win. Of course, the Jets defense is a problem so this won't be a high-scoring game. Having said that, Cleveland just has to keep from shooting themselves in the foot and this will be a comfortable win for them.

Final Score: Browns 20, Jets 10
Cleveland Browns Record: 11-5